About Comics NZ

Auckland Libraries started proof-of-concept makerspaces in 2013-14, to give our communities access to new ways of accessing and creating information/entertainment. These are digitally creative/experimental spaces, with a 3D printer, Robotics kits, and sound recording units.

As a fallout of this, we are trying an online space for NZ comics creators. While many people have their work online, and some in zines, it seems logical to have the library as a place to collect and promote them in one place. We have a physical collection of zines (much of which was contributed by Crosswalk), but a digital space would make it more accessible to everyone in NZ, and outside. The content on this site will be a combination of automatic feeds from webcomics, submitted material, and scanned material from zines.

This is an experimental work-in-progress, and there will be changes and tweaks. All your feedback (and offers of coffee) are very welcome. We may not always agree, but we will ALWAYS listen. This is a very very public experiment, and one that is intended to benefit the community.

Write to us at makerspace@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or find us on Facebook

And submit material!

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