Friday, 9 October 2015

The Angriest Mountain

The Angriest Mountain

This mountain is the angriest mountain.

Hi! So, I am back and updating this site again so expect lots more comics on here. Also: check out Moonbeard over on LINE Webtoon because I update weekly over there. To keep abreast of Moonbeard updates check out the Moonbeard Facebook page. To learn more about mountains, visit this mountain website.

Here are some Mountain Facts:

  1. The first mountain was invented by Sir Edmund Hillary, from New Zealand. He named it Everest after his great grandfather, who was Sir Everest Hillary.
  2. Anyone unlucky enough to be born on a mountain is forever linked to it and can never leave.
  3. Under every mountain is an inverse mountain. It is the same in every way, but inverted.
  4. When a mountain gives birth, all the other mountains in the area throw it a mountain-party. That’s where the popular catch-phrase “What is this, a mountain-party?!” comes from.
  5. While volcanoes are theorised to exist, no living human has ever seen one up close.

Do you have any more Mountain Facts? Add yours in the comments!

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