Thursday, 16 July 2015

nnrghh part 8

nnrghh part 8

A comic! Grisly. By popular demand, a return to the wacky adventures of this pair. You can read the other comics in the series if you like. Well, six of the others. The seventh was an exclusive drawn for Moonbeard Volume One. There’s no continuity though, aside from maybe slightly more blood pooling. So you can just jump in here, you don’t need all the history.

Last comic I mentioned a Kickstarter you should definitely give to. Good news: you still can! It’s for The Sunday Comics, a giant comics anthology. I’ll be in there. I even had a reward tier, but that’s all gone so tough luck.

Also, NZ comics legend Barry Linton has a Kickstarter up, if you’re a fan of NZ comics. Or comics.  You should definitely give to that too.

You should just give to all of them, every Kickstarter. All of them. Give everything to everyone. Everything you have

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