Wednesday, 22 October 2014

look out snakes

look out snakes

What is this

Anyway, enough of that


And not a sarcastic announcement either, a real one. I have MADE A BOOK. It is published by PIKITIA PRESS and it is now AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER through their STORE.


Or! If you are in AUCKLAND you can also get it early at the Pikitia Press stall at Armageddon this weekend.

Just look for where there’s a crowd of people talking in hushed whispers about some awesome new book. Then you can go up to them and say: “Hey, what book is that? Is that the new MOONBEARD book?!” and they’ll say “No, it’s a completely different book. Moon-what? That’s a terrible name.” and you’ll laugh sheepishly and agree with them, before buying whatever book they were crowded around and leaving through a side door. Meanwhile on stall number 153 there will be a stack of Moonbeard books, throbbing with an unknown hidden power, waiting.


The book is 132 page collection of Moonbeard comics and oh man it is just dying to be in your bookshelf. I mean, a couple of those 132 pages are blank or just title pages but basically yeah it’s a lot of comics, most from this site but a few you definitely won’t have seen anywhere. It’s a pretty cool book. Five stars out of an unspecified possible number of stars.

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